The idea of creating a research center overwhelmed me during the spring of 2006 when I was preparing my Doctorate as a student in Political Science at Innsbruck University in Austria.

Having noticed the great gap in term of political development of Africa compared to the western and central Europe, to the northern America or compared to other developing countries of the South, I found it worth creating a research center so as to set reflexion on thematics having links with Africa’s political development.

After my studies in Austria, I have decided to come back to Cote d’Ivoire where I have been a witness in 2011 to the serious post electoral crisis which officially begot 3000 deaths in 4 months. This crisis sheds light on African political systems’ fragility in which the political game is unfair and generally takes place in deeply divided societies, with a political culture heavily marked by conflicts.

This episode of my personal history strengthened my mind to create Center that I hope as far as am concerned will contribute to Africa political development throughout analysis, consulting and advice, throughout the infusing of democratic and citizenship values. This political development should at long run help Africa to go ahead in all domains.      


Dr. Moquet César FLAN

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